Why Architects Choose PanoramaFR for Vinyl Patio Enclosures & More

When it comes to choosing materials, there are a lot of factors for architects to consider — aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability all play a role. 

If you’ve narrowed down your search to a clear vinyl sheet, there’s one product that’s a cut above the rest: PanoramaFR.

What is PanoramaFR?

PanoramaFR is a flame-resistant, press-polished clear vinyl sheet produced by Strataglass LLC (a subsidiary of Herculite Products, Inc.), a leader in the manufacturing and development of high-quality performance textiles.

Strataglass is best known for Crystal Clear, the clearest, most consistent press-polished composite vinyl sheet ever produced. 

Crystal Clear has been popular among marine fabricators for use in yacht enclosures thanks to its quality and superior transparency. It features zero haziness, fish-eye effects, dimples, or distortions. 

PanoramaFR is the same great quality press-polished vinyl as Crystal Clear, with the added benefit of being flame-resistant. 

This makes it an ideal choice for vinyl patio enclosures, commercial tents, temporary structures, and other architectural projects where clarity, durability, strength, and flexibility are required.

Key Benefits of PanoramaFR

Made in the U.S.A

All Strataglass products, PanoramaFR included, are manufactured in the United States using only the best materials, and tested with rigorous quality control inspections.

Superior Clarity

PanoramaFR undergoes the same manufacturing process as Crystal Clear, resulting in superior optical clarity and dimensional stability compared to other clear vinyl products. 

Next-level Durability

Designed to weather sun, wind, rain, and debris, PanoramaFR stands up to the elements without compromising on clarity or flexibility.

Energy-Saving Insulation

PanoramaFR enclosures are great for climate control, because the sturdy, well-insulated vinyl — available in two thicknesses — helps conserve heat or air conditioning. It’s a smart way to save energy without blocking the view.

Certified Flame Resistance

PanoramaFR is CSFM Reg. Title 19, NFPA 701, and ASTM E 84 certified for flame resistance, so it’s safe to use in a wide variety of architectural projects.

Backed with a Five-Year Warranty

With proper care and maintenance, PanoramaFR offers years of use and is covered with a five-year warranty.

Vinyl Patio Enclosures and Beyond

Here are just a few examples of projects for which PanoramaFR is the ideal choice:

Seasonal Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Clear vinyl enclosures and roll-down curtains offer a layer of protection from the elements, enabling restaurants, cafes, and bars to keep their patios open year-round, even in winter. 

Resort Enclosures

Resorts can use PanoramaFR to create pool houses, reception halls, lounge areas, patios, and more with controlled climates and crystal-clear vistas.

Commercial Tents

Farms, military bases, warehouses, long-term construction sites...whatever the application, permanent commercial tents need to withstand a wide array of weather conditions. PanoramaFR offers the durability, clarity, and flame-resistance needed for commercial projects.

Temporary Structures

Clear vinyl panels can add a bit of natural light and beautiful views to tents at outdoor weddings, parties, sporting events, and festivals.

Residential Enclosures

PanoramaFR is the perfect material for residential roll-down curtains, retractable screens, and walls/windows for patios and sunrooms.

The Ultimate Clear Vinyl Sheet 

Whether you’re designing a restaurant patio, commercial tent, or residential sunroom, PanoramaFR is the high-quality clear vinyl that will take your project to the next level. 

This press-polished, flame-resistant vinyl offers clarity, durability, strength, and flexibility. It’s the ideal clear architectural fabric for restaurant, resort, residential, and tent and structure use cases. 

Plus, all Herculite and Strataglass products are manufactured, inspected, and packaged in the United States, allowing us to deliver the highest quality with faster turnaround and world-class customer service. It’s just one more reason why architects choose PanoramaFR.

Learn more about PanoramaFR.

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