Designing Your Sunroom with PanoramaFR Vinyl Windows

“A stylish sunroom has the ability to change a home’s entire atmosphere,” according to the writers at Architectural Digest. We couldn’t agree more. With light and exterior views streaming in from multiple sides, a sunroom has the potential to be the jewel of a home. 

And despite their name, sunrooms aren’t just for good weather. In our opinion, there’s not much more hygge than a sunroom in the rain.

When designing a sunroom, architects have to make a basic choice: vinyl or glass? Glass is the preferred choice for many, but it’s expensive, inflexible, and its frames can block views and limit convertibility. 

Vinyl sunroom windows, on the other hand, have the ability to match the clarity of glass while giving architects more freedom to experiment with convertible spaces. 

PanoramaFR Vinyl Sunroom Windows

PanoramaFR press-polished vinyl panels, manufactured by Strataglass, are the ideal choice for vinyl sunroom windows. 

Unlike many clear vinyl options, PanoramaFR offers crystal clarity with no optical distortion, haze, or dimples. 

Here’s everything you need to know about designing a sunroom with PanoramaFR:

Panel Size and Multi-panel Installations

PanoramaFR panels have maximum dimensions of 54” x 110”. However, multiple PanoramaFR panels can be stitched together to create larger windows. 

Architects have a choice in how they’d like to stitch the panels together. Unlike other clear vinyl options, PanoramaFR is strong enough to be stitched together without the addition of colored vinyl borders. That’s a major benefit, because it means uninterrupted views and nearly invisible large screens. 

PanoramaFR also supports RF welding, which we highly recommend for its superior durability compared to traditional stitching.

Weather and Climate

Strataglass, PanoramaFR’s manufacturer, is the leading maker of clear vinyl for marine applications like yacht enclosures, so they know a thing or two about making materials that stand up to the elements.

PanoramaFR is flame resistant. The material blocks 90% of UVA, 99% of UVB, and 99% of UVC rays. Each panel can withstand temperatures down to -10°F without cracking, and won’t become brittle until -30°F. 

PanoramaFR is also available in two thicknesses (20mm or 30mm), giving architects the freedom to choose the ideal option for wind resistance and insulation.

Sunroom Window Vinyl Made in the USA

PanoramaFR is manufactured by Strataglass LLC, a subsidiary of Herculite Products, Inc, a leader in high-quality performance textiles and press-polished vinyl. Every panel is made start-to-finish in the USA. 

Best of all, PanoramaFR is backed by a 5-year warranty.

A sunroom isn’t just an indoor room with extra windows — it’s a combined indoor/outdoor space that serves different functions in different seasons. The ideal sunroom has the ability to adapt to changing weather and temperatures. 

A sunroom built with PanoramaFR vinyl windows is limited only by the architect’s imagination. These flexible vinyl panels can be rolled up or easily removed and stored during mild seasons, and are strong enough to keep out cold, debris, and precipitation in rougher months. 

Get a sample of PanoramaFR.

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