Strataglass Overview

Strataglass Clear incorporates the highest quality raw materials, proprietary coatings and unique manufacturing processes. The product is subject to rigorous quality assurance review insuring only the best quality enclosures can be certified as genuine Strataglass.
Strataglass is made in the USA.

Strataglass Overview


Strataglass® VueShield™ is a highly engineered scratch resistant coating technology that enhances clear visibility . This proprietary coating makes the product resistant to minor scratches and swirl marks that are common to clear vinyl products in the harsh marine environment. Strataglass® VueShield™ offers additional UV resistance to protect the boat, passengers and furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. Strataglass® VueShield™ seals and protects Strataglass maintaining its optimum durability, flexibility and extends the products life.

Strataglass is engineered with a proprietary anti-glare additive that enhances clarity, reduces sun glare and improves low light visibility.

Strataglass will have a useful marine life of 2-5 years when properly cleaned and maintained using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish by IMAR, as directed by the manufacturer.

Marine Industry

Strataglass is the leading brand for flexible marine enclosure windows worldwide and has been for more than 20 years. Strataglass features VueShield™ a proprietary, highly engineered scratch resistant coating that is often imitated but never equaled. To ensure maximize durability and optimize your benefit of total cost of ownership, accept only certified genuine Strataglass for your marine enclosure curtains. 

From center consoles to mega yachts, Strataglass is the product of choice of OEM boat manufacturers and the most discriminating canvas and marine shops.   

Restaurant and Resort

Strataglass provides exception clarity for outdoor curtains in a luxury retail environment. Its used to extend seasonal revenue in outdoor restaurant and resort venues.  Unique projects from designer windbreaks on a beach front hotel in Cabo to restaurants on the Fort Lauderdale “strip”, Strataglass is used where exceptional clarity, durability, and U.V. protection are essential.

Strataglass Options

  • Strataglass 30mil:   Clear   54" X 110" 
  • Strataglass 40mil:   Clear   54" X 110"
  • Strataglass 40mil:   Light Smoke   54" X 110" 
  • Strataglass 60mil:   Clear   54" X 110"