CrystalClear Advantages

CrystalClear Advantages


CrystalClear is a multi-layer composite vinyl incorporating the highest quality raw materials available in the world.  These high quality raw material inputs offer superior clarity and outperform all other commercial grade vinyls offered today.  CrystalClear is a press-polished sheet available in 54″ X 110″. 40 mil is offered in a light smoke finish, a very attractive grey tint resulting in an excellent visual appearance.

CrystalClear is made using the same painstaking quality control process that is used to make Strataglass, the famous scratch resistant, UV blocking window clear vinyl.

CrystalClear is truly “crystal clear” and allows for superior vision versus the commercial grade vinyls that have blue or grey haziness.

CrystalClear is readily available through distribution centers worldwide.

Marine Industry

Using proven manufacturing processes and product chemistry akin to Strataglass, absent our proprietary coating, combined with the superior size, the fabricator can produce a beautiful window product with the least amount of material waste. The fabricator can have confidence that their customer is going to be happy with the results on day one, and more importantly, over the life of the enclosure.

Curtains and Tent Windows

Where quality, longevity and visibility are critical factors, CrystalClear offers the highest quality on the market today. The superior size and clarity makes it the quality choice for roll down curtains at restaurants and businesses that take advantage of outdoor space for their customers.

Anywhere there is a demand for superior quality, longevity and clarity CrystalClear fills that need. Due to our unique manufacturing process, we are capable of customizing any product to meet your individual needs, without the exorbitant cost of meeting minimum run requirements. Contact your local distributor and we can discuss a custom made product for your application.