Panorama FR

Flame Resistant Clear Vinyl

PanoramaFR press-polished vinyl is ideal for patio enclosures, tents, and retractable windows. Experience crystal clarity with no haze, dimples, or distortion.


About PanoramaFR

PanoramaFR is a flame-resistant press-polished clear vinyl sheet designed for indoor or outdoor use in any application where clarity, durability, strength and dimensional stability is required.

Manufactured in the USA using the finest raw materials and a painstaking quality control process, PanoramaFR comes with superior optical clarity and dimensional stability. This crystal-clear vinyl contains no blue or grey haziness, fish-eye effect, or other visual distortion.

PanoramaFR is designed to withstand UV rays, wind, rain, and debris.

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Restaurant patio enclosures made with PanoramaFR can extend usable space and enable outdoor dining in all seasons. Protect customers from the elements without disrupting their view.

Roll Curtain on Beach 2-1


From poolhouses to large reception halls, PanoramaFR can be used to create luxurious indoor/outdoor spaces with controlled climates and crystal-clear vistas.



PanoramaFR flame-resistant vinyl can be used to create retractable screens that are effectively as clear as glass, giving homeowners more control over their favorite outdoor spaces like sunrooms and patios.


Tent & Structure

PanoramaFR can be used in tents or temporary structures to create durable, flexible vinyl walls that contain no haze or distortion.



Thickness 20 mil.
Width 54” x 110”
Tensile Strength ASTM D6693 4000 lbs. / in.
Light Transmittance ASTM D1003 90.6%
Haze ASTM D1003 1.0%
Hydroburst ASTM D751/A 150 PSI
Dimensional Stability ASTM D1204 <1.4% Change
UV Blocking HERC PE-P-3 >98% UVA
Flame Resistance CSFM Reg. Title 19 Pass
Flame Resistance NFPA 701 Test 1 Pass
Compliance Prop 65 (Phthalate Free) Yes
Cold Flex (no hydrostatic) ASTM D751 Passed -20 and -40

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