Strataglass Advantages

Exceptional Scratch Resistant Surface

Now featuring a highly engineered superior scratch resistant coating called Strataglass® VueShield™, our proprietary surface treatment that prevents fine line scratches common to other inferior products. Our proprietary surface treatment seals and protects the composite, maintaining its optimum durability, flexibility and extends the life of the Strataglass panels.

Strataglass Clear

Strataglass is the world’s premier choice for Marine enclosure composite delivering optimal visual clarity at the helm. Strataglass is engineered with a distinctive antiglare additive to enhance clarity, reduce sun glare and improve low light visibility. Our composite is not just clear- it’s Strataglass Clear!

Hardy Resistance to Overspray, Runoff and Pollutants

Inferior clear vinyl products are susceptible to streaking from the brass grommets on your Bimini top or run off points of your boat top. These contaminants can become etched in creating permanent imperfections in your enclosure panel. Our highly engineered Strataglass® VueShield surface treatment chemistry resists these elements from etching the surface of your Strataglass Clear enclosure.

Strataglass Longevity

The benefit of our unique fusion of raw materials, precision manufacturing and VueShield™ surface treatment is obvious, you will see more clearly through your marine enclosure for a longer period of time.

The exceptional Total Cost of Ownership of our solution delivers to you an increased useful life of your marine enclosure and reduces the frequency of expensive replacement common to other products.

Strataglass features a 2-Year "No Worries" Performance Warranty and a useful life expectancy of many more years when properly cleaned and maintained using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish by IMAR. 

Strataglass Clear for the Marine Environment


Our proprietary Strataglass® VueShield™ surface treatment is engineered to perform in today’s Marine Environment. Particulates and pollutants are realities on our waterways. These elements can lead to spotting, hazing and coloring of the enclosure. The Strataglass® VueShield™ surface treatment technology impedes these elements from leaching into the composite, delivering a cleaner, ”no worries” experience.

Strataglass is eco-friendly because its base composite requires 50% less energy to produce than polyester and 670% less energy that corn-based PLA. Its also light weight and requires less fuel and generates lower emissions to transport. The base material also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint because of the efficiency of the manufacturing process, emitting 30% less CO2 than polyethylene, 120% less than polyester and 260% less than aluminum.