New and Improved Packaging on the Way From Strataglass

Strata Boxes BandedWhen Strataglass introduced sonotube drums to package and transport our product several decades ago, they were top of the line shipping technology. However, new advances in shipping, changing rates, and evolving consumer tastes necessitate change from time to time. That’s why we are excited to introduce new Strataglass and Crystal Clear shipping boxes.

These boxes are engineered to meet the needs and expectations of today’s shippers, and to ensure consistent product quality for our customers post-delivery. Our new boxes are lighter, sturdier, and easier to handle. They also use less material, which leads to less post-consumer waste and a smaller carbon footprint. In that sense, they’re good for our oceans and waterways, an essential element in the nautical outfitting industry.


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Tell us about the boxes 

Box Internal 3The new boxes are made using high quality cardboard that’s engineered to be rugged and durable. We did this without sacrificing an aesthetic that’s befitting a high-quality, brand name material. Strataglass will be sold in a white box, whereas Crystal Clear will get a kraft-brown cardboard box. Each comes with its own logo and design element. Every box is supported with an internal core to support and protect our vinyl sheets in transit and during storage. We’ve also eliminated any chance of a blown out or broken drum lid.  Nice!

 When you’ve used up your material, the lighter box is easy to recycle. Our new boxes have a load rating of 275 lbs.

Beyond these technical elements, the new boxes are designed to be clean and pleasing to the eye. For our authorized dealers, the box has a bold two-color logo, which can help aid branding by showing off the quality name-brand merchandise you have in stock.

How does this add value to the product? 

You’d be surprised how much packaging influences the product experience.

Our new box is designed to help:

  • Reduce shipping damage. For distributors, that means less product that arrives unusable — and fewer rush orders for usable product. Fabricators will experience less wait time for product as a result.

  • Reduce time spent managing claims. Following up on claims regarding shipping damage adds another task to your already-long list of things to do. Less delivery damage equals fewer claims to track.

  • Store product easier. Square boxes band tightly together as one standing unit on a pallet for easy storage.

  • Store product safely. This eliminates the possibility of shifting; a common cause of damage when shipping banded drums.

How do I store the new Strataglass box? 

Store your boxes upright, the same way you stored sonotube drums. Over time, stacking boxes introduces unbalanced weight stress on the vinyl product, which could cause damage.

We understand that boxes often get left on their side during shipping and handling. With this in mind, we tested the new box by stacking it horizontally for eight weeks. Gravity did lead to some settling of the product in the box, but it didn’t damage the sheets in any way. That said, we do recommend storing boxes vertically nonetheless.


We put a lot of thought into every product we create. When it came time to develop new packaging for our Strataglass and Crystal Clear marine vinyl, we cut no corners — in fact, we added some. Our new box is designed to ensure safe delivery, easy mobility, and superior usability for our customers. It’s a whole new look that you’re sure to love.

Of course, the only thing changing about Strataglass and Crystal Clear is the packaging — but that new box is an exciting revelation you have to see. Order your new product today and experience it for yourself!

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