How Strataglass Developed the Top Clear Vinyl Enclosures Brand

Twenty-four years ago, Strataglass LLC introduced its premium clear vinyl sheet featuring VueShield, a highly engineered, scratch resistant coating technology. Since then, Strataglass products and services have grown and become even more innovative.

In 2000, Strataglass developed and produced CrystalClear - a new clear, flexible vinyl sheet offering. Uncoated, CrystalClear is one of the the clearest, most consistent press polished composite vinyl sheets ever produced. It is engineered using the same painstaking process as Strataglass. The superiority of CrystalClear is obvious even to the eye; there’s no hazy blueness, no fish-eye effects, no dimples and no distortions.

Strataglass’ clear vinyl, pressed, polished sheets are used in a variety of applications. The sheets are engineered to resist the damaging effects from the sun's rays, environmental fallout and scratching from normal use. Strataglass and CrystalClear can be combined with other textiles - like canvas, polyester, and acrylic - to create an architectural structure that will wow your customers or guests. In fact, Strataglass and CrystalClear can be used in various industries including but not limited to:

  • Boat & Marine Windows: Strataglass is a trusted brand and when used on boats, provide satisfaction, clarity, and reliability.
  • Restaurant Enclosures: Clear vinyl enclosures and windows are great ways to extend a dining area. Using a combination of awnings and vinyl windows, you can create a design that can attract diners and provide more revenue generating space.
  • Resort Applications: Designing an outdoor lounge area using clear vinyl enclosures and awnings is a great way to create a stunning experience for your guests. Think about cabanas, outdoor dining areas, and enclosures for gaming and lounge locations. The options are numerous.

Remember, clear vinyl enclosures offer various applications. Using them for boat enclosures, restaurants, resorts, or even for temporary pop-ups, is a great way to add some pizzazz to your business. Using a trusted, reliable, and warrantied product that’s been around since 1994 - Strataglass - is one way to ensure your enclosures and windows will last. Not all clear vinyl is created equally and Strataglass’ proprietary coatings and production processes makes its products one of the best.

Today, Strataglass is part of the Herculite Products Inc. family. In 2015, Strataglass joined Herculite to form a powerhouse in the clear-vinyl industry. Herculite Inc. supplies specialty fabrics to various industries and when coupled with Strataglass’ clear vinyl solutions the two create a powerful, reliable, durable line of product offering you can use for your restaurant, boat, or even resort projects.

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