Best Practices for Maintaining Boat Canvas Enclosures

Boat fabrics make your watercraft stand out and look great. But, maintaining your boat’s textiles - like canvas enclosures - requires some knowledge and dedication. Here are some best practices, tips and advice on keeping your boat canvas enclosures well maintained.

  1. Inspect: Inspect your boat canvas enclosure carefully for any damage before you start cleaning. Identify if any repairs need to be made before you go any further.
  2. Clean off the Dust: To prepare the enclosure for a thorough cleaning, make sure you remove all the dust and dirt from your enclosures before proceeding any further.
  3. Use A Cleaning Product: Choose a cleaning product/soap that works well with your particular boat canvas enclosure. Check with your installer to see what’s best for your enclosure. Remember, you can test the cleaning product on a small, unnoticeable area to be sure it doesn’t discolor or otherwise damage your canvas. Once you’ve chosen your product, apply it to your enclosure with a clean paintbrush.
  4. Bristle Brush Scrub: Use a bristle brush - be sure again to check with your fabric supplier/installer for what kind you should use on your particular canvas - and scrub your enclosure. Remember to scrub all over, including the seams!
  5. Let it Sit: After you’ve scrubbed, walk away for thirty minutes or an hour. Let the cleaner do its job!
  6. Soft Bristle Brush and Warm Water: Give the canvas another scrub with warm water using a soft bristle brush to help really get the dirt and grime off.
  7. Spray Down: Once you’re done scrubbing, spray your enclosure down gently with fresh, clean water.
  8. Repeat: If necessary, repeat the process.

When cleaning or maintaining your boat canvas enclosures, remember to check with your manufacturer or supplier about the type of canvas you have. Not all fabrics are made equally; higher quality marine canvas requires less maintenance and last a long time when care for properly. In fact, higher quality marine textiles like Herculite’s Weblon-Regatta boat fabrics are easier to maintain, last longer, and provide a variety of features that help you save on time and money.

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