Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Vinyl Fabrication

What is your cutting table setup?

We have a snap-on cloth for our sewing table to help prevent scratches whether the glass is Strataglass or not. This also helps the glass slide easier while sewing it. The cloth is a poly/cotton material. We have the edges reinforced and bound in order to hold the female snaps that snap to the table.

How do you store your Strataglass?

When we get the glass in it stays in the container until we are ready to cut and sew it.

How do you setup a project?

The glass is laid out flat on the cutting table with the sheets of paper left in between the sheets of glass.
Each window is cut and sewn to completion and transferred with the paper under it to another table. The completed windows are stacked with the paper between them.

How do your transport a completed job to the work site?

Transporting the completed windows to the boat has the paper left between each window. The windows are stacked with the paper between them to the truck and in turn to the boat. The paper is not pulled out until they are ready to hang on the boat.

What kind of thread, needles, stitching do you suggest?

We use Tenara or a PTFE thread to sew with. We normally sew about 6 stitches per inch. Other shops may sew less per inch. We use MR needles rather than standard needles because we use Tenara. The size of the needle will be an MR5 or MR5 (equivalent to an 18 or 20 respectively). The needle size many times depends on the machine and the sewer.