Crystal Clear 20/20 Care & Maintenance

Crystal Clear 20/20 - The Standard Choice for Uncoated Pressed Polyvinyl Worldwide

Care & Maintenance

Crystal Clear 20/20 is not a coated product like Strataglass, and hence can be cleaned and maintained with any of the many products on the market made for the care and maintenance of clear flexible vinyl. We do not make any specific recommendations other than the following:

  • Do Not use Rain-X, Pledge, or Plexus – this will cause hazing, discoloration and distortion over time.
  • Do Not leave curtains rolled up over prolonged periods. Roll down and snap into place nightly to avoid clouding from trapped water, fold distortions, etc.
  • Wash regularly, removing salt first by spraying down curtains. Beware of washing with trapped grit in your cloth mitt.
  • Use a good grade polish periodically to protect surface from the elements.

Trouble Shooting

  1. Curtain clouded up due to water being trapped in it when rolled up. If the curtain is exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time during the day, the whiteness will gradually disappear. You can force this phenomenon with a heat gun (Milwaukee Brand etc…) or a common hair dryer. Hold 4-8 inches (depending on ferocity of heat gun) from surface, working a 12 inch square area at a time…be patient…it takes a few minutes, then you will suddenly see the cloud radiate out of the vinyl, concentric to the center of the heated area. Do not overheat or concentrate heat in one area for any length of time. You do not want to distort the vinyl.
  2. Waves have formed in the curtain from being rolled up for a long time. If it is a good, hot day and the sun is going to thoroughly warm the vinyl, it should “shake out”. If not, use of a heat gun or common hair dryer can force the glass to relax to its “memory”. Use heat gun or dryer in the same fashion as described above in “clouding” discussion.
  3. Overspray.Crystal Clear 20/20 can be cleared of overspray, but it will require quite a large amount of work to do so. Try using a very mild compound/polish, like 210 Plus Plastic Scratch Remover, first. If this isn’t working (paint is well set up), you will have to go to the next level- using laquer thinner. This will remove the overspray, but dull out the vinyl. You must then restore the surface by compounding with Premier Polish or any of the other products available for restoring and polishing the surface. The success you have may vary, depending upon the product oversprayed. This process is extremely difficult, and may not be a viable solution. Replacement may be necessary.
  4. Poor watershed off product. This is usually due to build-up on the surface of the vinyl. Wash thoroughly first, then apply a polish – like IMAR Strataglass Polish or Collinate Insulator Wax – or one of many products available to restore the surface to a slick finish.


  • What do I maintain Crystal Clear 20/20 with?
    Mild soap and water. Polish occasionally with any of the products made for maintenance of clear flexible vinyl.
  • How do I get clouds or extreme wrinkles out?
    The sun will take out clouds caused by trapped moisture as well as wrinkles over time. A heat gun or hair dryer can be used to accelerate this process (see Trouble Shooting section).
  • Can I remove overspray from Crystal Clear 20/20?
    Unlike Strataglass, from which overspray can be easily removed, it will take quite a bit of work to remove. (See Trouble Shooting section for complete discussion).
  • How can I restore older, damaged vinyl?
    There are many good products available for doing this. Results depend on what you are willing to put into it. Visit the larger retail marine outlets for a complete selection of products. We do not make any specific recommendations.