Crystal Clear 20/20

Crystal Clear 20/20 - The Standard Choice for Uncoated Pressed Polyvinyl Worldwide
Crystal Clear 20/20 - Clearly The Transparent Choice!

Crystal Clear 20/20 is the clearest, most consistent “regular” vinyl ever produced.

Produced using the same painstaking process as Strataglass, the superiority of Crystal Clear 20/20 is immediately obvious to the eye… no hazy blueness, no fish-eye, no dimples, no distortions.

The user response to the product has been excellent — from the convenience of the larger sheet to the clarity of the finished product. Offering a full line of products in 20, 30 and 40 mil (clear and smoked) there is no need to go anywhere else to fill your pressed vinyl needs.

Crystal Clear 20/20 is a uncoated vinyl alternative with a new, improved, larger than ever press-polished vinyl.

We currently offer many styles of press-polished vinyls and are prepared to customize our products to meet your clear vinyl requirements on demand. With over thirty years of vinyl experience in the sales force, We can provide answers to the most difficult application problems.

Today, Crystal Clear 20/20 is the product of choice for uncoated pressed polyvinyl.