CountryView™ Care & Maintenance

CountryView™ Vinyl - Improve Your View

CountryView™ Vinyl - Improve Your View


Strataglass recommends IMAR brand quality products specifically made to clean, maintain and extended the life of CountryView.

IMAR CountryView Cleaner / IMAR CountryView Polish

  • Carefully rinse the surface to cool it and remove all traces of abrasive dust. It is preferable to use IMAR CountryView Cleaner or a mild soap rather than a corrosive detergent that may tarnish the surface.
  • Dilute the soap in clean fresh water and wash the transparent surface using a soft cloth or microfiber glove.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a chamois leather or silicone sponge.
  • Spray small quantity of IMAR CountryView Protective Polish on the surface using a soft cloth — in circular movements without pressing too hard. Leave the product dry before wiping off with a clean soft cotton cloth. Rub gently to obtain a high gloss.


Depending on individual cases it is recommended to clean and polish every two to three months. For efficient maintenance between the polishing sessions, use IMAR CountryView Cleaner Spray. Make sure that the surface is free of all abrasive dust before applying. Lightly dampen a soft cotton cloth with the cleaner. Rub gently but briskly over the entire area. Then clean and dry with a clean cloth.