Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Maintain Strataglass?

Mild soap and water or vinegar and water along with a periodic exterior waxing. Please see “Care and Maintenance” section for a comprehensive discussion.

Do U.V. Rays Effect Strataglass?

The unique coating on Strataglass locks in the plasticiser, preventing its migration out of the vinyl. The result is that the vinyl remains flexible and won’t yellow and crack over time (which is the usual result of U.V. degradation).

Can I Get Clouds or Extreme Wrinkles Out of the Glass?

Heat or exposure to direct sunlight will cure most problems.

What about overspray? Can it be removed?

Yes, depending upon the product that was sprayed, and how soon it is discovered.

Can I Remove Curtain Clouding Due to Water Being Trapped on Roll Up?

If the curtain is exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time during the day, the whiteness will gradually disappear. You can force this phenomenon with a heat gun (Milwaukee Brand etc) or a common hair dryer. Hold 4-8 inches (depending on ferocity of heat gun) from surface, working a 12 inch square area at a time…be patient…it takes a few minutes, then you will suddenly see the cloud radiate out of the vinyl, concentric to the center of the heated area. Do not overheat or concentrate heat in one area for any length of time. You do not want to distort the vinyl.

Can I Remove “Curtain Waves” Having Been Formed After Being Rolled Up?

If it is a good, hot day and the sun is going to thoroughly warm the vinyl, it should “shake out.” If not, use of a heat gun or common hair dryer can force the glass to relax to its “memory.” Use heat gun or dryer in the same fashion as described above in “clouding” discussion.

Can I Remove Overspray From Nearby Painting in the Boat Yard?

Try lacquer thinner first-this should take off most light over sprays. If it is set up linear polyurethane (Imron, Awlgrip, Sterling, etc.) it will require acetone. Either application is tricky, and you do run the risk of destroying the finish on the vinyl.

Lay the curtain on a large table covered with towels, or something soft. Using a cloth baby diaper (the best material for polishing anything) or an extremely soft cloth, apply lacquer thinner or acetone either directly to a small area on the vinyl or to the rag. Work the area with the product quickly, then take another clean, dry cloth and buff the area you just treated. You must not allow the thinner or acetone to melt the surface of the vinyl. This is a tedious process, but it will work.

Having completely cleared the panel, it would be advisable to lightly compound the surface with IMAR protective polish 2 light coats. (see Care and Maintenance Section)

Can I Restore The Original “Watershedding” Ability of Strataglass?

You (or the fabricator) may have used the wrong product on Strataglass to begin with, or perhaps overspray from the yard got onto it. Start by washing the vinyl thoroughly, then applying 3-M Finesse-it then waxing with IMAR protective polish 2 light coats. (see Care and Maintenance Section)