Crystal Clear “Regular Vinyl” Fabrication Tips

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Plastic Vinyl Fabrication Tips

While we do claim to be experts in the field of press-polishing vinyl, we do not claim to be experts in the fabrication and installation of curtains. However, we certainly do pay attention to what is told to us by various experts.

The following are some helpful tips:

  • Lay out material that you will be using the night before you plan to work with it. It may be paper marked or have lines in it from the inner cardboard edge (the freight companies do not keep the product upright, and some marking can occur). You may also see the paper mark, like a road map, in the vinyl. This will come out with warmth or exposure to the sun. Concerning areas may be heated with a heat gun for instant clear-up. Hold heat gun 4-6 inches away from product and work in 12 inch areas at a time. After a few minutes, as the product reaches the temperature gradient, it will clear up completely. It has a memory, and that memory is the perfect flatness it had coming off the press plates.
  • Do not use “saran wrap” or cling wrap to protect the sheets. This causes “pooling” in the sheet as well as excessive dust cling from static created. Use craft paper or the tissue the product comes with.
  • Do not stack the curtains up without interleaving with paper or something to keep the glass from clinging to itself. The product has an excessive amount of static cling when it is new, which changes rapidly when on the boat, but it is very impressionable in the early days (this is true of any vinyl). Should distortions occur, use a heat gun to heat up the surface and return the product to its “memory”.
  • If installing in cold weather, it is strongly recommended that you heat up the enclosure as you are installing, and stretch the product into position. Product installed tightly in the cold will not necessarily be so in warm weather.
  • If removing adhesives before installation, use 3-M Adhesive remover. If cleaning only general grime, IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner works fine. It is recommended that you treat the curtains with IMAR prior to installation (DO NOT use Rain-X, Pledge, or Plexus). This gets a lot of the static cling under control, and it provides an excellent water shed, which is very important particularly when the product is new. IMAR is to be used as an occasional polish, supplementing normal washing on a periodic basis. Make sure that your customers are given information on the care and maintenance of Strataglass.
  • To remove clouds or “pools” or sharp impressions (zipper marks, etc.) simply heat up the surface area, small sections at a time, with a heat gun or common hair dryer.

Anytime you would like to discuss a particular problem or concern, call us at (800)581-5801 or email us, being sure to give your phone number. We will gladly give you in-depth answers to your questions or concerns. We want you and your customers happy!