CountryView™ Application Guidelines

CountryView™ Vinyl - Improve Your View

CountryView™ Vinyl - Improve Your View

As with all plastics, CountryView 20 mil product is made with the finest medical grade polyvinyl machine pressed into 54” x 111” sheets. The product can be sewn or welded to many dimensions.

The recent development of screen walls by welding 1-5 sheets together plus a border of Stamoid 502 or other various border materials for usage in residential and commercial applications has grown exponentially and some basic rules must be applied.

As with all plastics certain basic physical properties, shrinkage and expansion in particular have a dramatic effect on the end product. Extruded roll goods have an expansion / contraction rate of plus 5% due to the extrusion process. CountryView is pressed and that pressed process literally removes all the machine direction of the raw material reducing shrinkage to less than -1%.

Having said this common sense and engineering has to be realized that in extreme cold (-0° F / -18°C) various amounts of shrinkage has been reported due to application and design of various systems. StrataGlass understands how a single sheet of material or pieces of that sheet react to temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions. When boarded by non shrinkage multi directional material and framing with aluminum plus rolled on a automatic system many dynamics are put into play.

Different thickness of welding seams, temperature, squareness, weighting, side guides, tracks, maintenance and environment come into play in a multitude of scenarios that seem to implicate the polyvinyl sheets, we are just the center of a larger equation. StrataGlass gives the best information available for specifications but cannot foresee applications with multitudes of outside variables.

Basically we are just one part of a dynamic situation that has to be compensated for the firm doing the engineering, application, manufacturing, installation, customer education etc. leading up to total expectation, real and perceived of how the end product performs.

As these systems evolve we will supply consistent product and work with customers to supply a great product but at the end of the day our products have very basic wear and characteristics inherit to sheets of plastic and these are not new to the industry.